Soal Yes-No Question Simple Past Tense

Materi Yes-No Question Simple Past Tense

8 Contoh Soal Yes-No Question Simple Past Tense Pilihan Ganda

Pilihlah yes-no question (pertanyaan yang meminta tanggapan “yes” atau “no”) yang tepat untuk setiap kalimat pernyataan simple past tense di bawah ini dengan mengetik a atau b.

  1. My curry was too salty.

    1. Was my curry too salty?
    2. Was too salty my curry?

    Your answer:

  2. A dolphin jumped up on him.

    1. Did a dolphin jumped up on him?
    2. Did a dolphin jump up on him?

    Your answer:

  3. The people were there.

    1. Were there the people?
    2. Were the people there?

    Your answer:

  4. No one passed the test.

    1. Did no one pass the test?
    2. Did no one passed the test?

    Your answer:

  5. The weather was rainy.

    1. Was the weather rainy?
    2. Was rainy the weather?

    Your answer:

  6. They complemented each other.

    1. Did they complemented each other?
    2. Did they complement each other?

    Your answer:

  7. Karina and her husband were surprised to hear the news.

    1. Were Karina and her husband surprised to hear the news?
    2. Were Karina and her husband surprise to hear the news?

    Your answer:

  8. A stranger sat next to her.

    1. Did a stranger sat next to her?
    2. Did a stranger sit next to her?

    Your answer:


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Materi Yes-No Question Simple Past Tense

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