Jika kamu ada pertanyaan, saran, atau kritik tentang silakan isi formulir di bawah ini dengan menyebutkan nama aslimu.


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    1. Hello, Wilma Yulia! I am Lulu from Bogor. For the last two years of teaching, I used the material from your blog and ask my students to check your websites related to our discussion in class. All of your postings are easy to understand. You really pay attention to detail such as the color of the tables, words and the way you deliver English through the pictures. I always want to ask everyone who inspires me like your private life, yet you are not allowed or even mention your social media on the Contact of However, I am excited that you allow everyone send you message. I won’t ask your private life. I just wonder, who inspires you making this unique website? What is your educational background? Is your job related with what you’re doing here on your website?

      I love English so much. I really thank to you for this engaging website you provide. Looking forward your response, thanks in advance!

      • Hi Lulu!

        I’m sorry for the late reply. First of all, I want to say thank you for your message. Such a beautiful message from a passionate English teacher that really made my day. I’ve been thinking about it constantly since I received it but I’m terrible with words. I’m glad to hear that this simple website has a good impact on others. From time to time, I try to improve all the pages because I know they are far from perfect. I always want to create social media accounts for wordsmile but I don’t feel ready at the moment (talking about myself is even more difficult -_-) as I’m busy doing something else. Having those accounts seem to take more commitment and responsibility to meet user satisfaction.

        Before I created this website, I wondered what topics that would attract lots of visitors and would make a positive impact on their life. I believed English was one of the topics. As time goes by, I always think about how to make this site better. I try to put myself in their shoes. If I were them, I would enjoy a site with faster (Internet connection speed in Indonesia is improving :D) and lighter pages (mobile data plans are getting cheaper :d), and most importantly, which is helpful. Let’s say who inspires me the most is someone like me, who expects a good user experience. I studied engineering and was an engineer for a while. That helps me to keep thinking about efficiency haha.

        I wish you all the best for your teaching career. :)

    2. Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

      Selamat siang kepada pemilik dan penulis di situs ini.
      Pertama, saya sebagai guru sangat merasa terbantu dengan adanya ini. Penyajian materi yang lugas dan jelas membuat saya tidak ragu untuk meneruskan materi-materi di sini kepada siswa-siswi saya.

      Kedua, di masa pandemi covid-19 ini saya mulai merubah pola pembelajaran kepada siswa-siswi saya dengan membuat materi pembelajaran dalam bentuk video dan diteruskan melalui channel youtube yang saya miliki.

      Ketiga, selain ingin menyampaikan rasa terima kasih yang tak terhingga, saya juga ingin menyampaikan permohonan izin untuk menggunakan beberapa atau sebagian konten-konten di situs ini untuk saya cantumkan di video pembelajaran saya di youtube.

      Mohon kiranya Pemilik/penulis di situs ini dapat melihat contoh/hasil pembuatan materi berupa video menggunakan beberapa materi yang saya screenshoot dari situs ini, berikut adalah linknya:

      Mohon kiranya saya dapat menerima izin untuk menggunakan materi-materi di situs ini sebagai sumber referensi atau bahkan menggunakan beberapa halaman (untuk di screenshoot) di video-video pembelajaran saya berikutnya.

      Terima Kasih.

      • Walaikumussalam wr wb

        Selamat malam Agus :D Terima kasih ya atas feedbacknya yang luar biasa. You really made my day! sesungguhnya hanyalah website sederhana tempat saya membuat catatan bahasa Inggris secara online namun jika ada materi yang dirasa berguna, silahkan saja dimanfaatkan, Agus. Saya senang bisa membantu secara “tidak langsung” :)

        Saya sudah lihat youtubenya. Bagus ya :D (sampai detik ini saya belum mampu buat video youtube) dan memang pola belajar online orang sekarang sudah terpecah tidak hanya melalui artikel, melainkan juga podcast dan video.

        Semoga sukses selalu untuk kamu :)

    3. You have a cool and interesting website for a person that who want to learn english more effective and also i would be glad if i can see you sharing a tips about learning english on youtube or instagram.

    4. Hai wilma yulia..i started learn english just a few month ago..buat have no idea where i should start.. it is tenses? Part of speech or anything else. Would you mind to to create step by step which topic i should start first? Because to many topic i have to learn and i want to make my study english step by step to make it more efficient, instead of jump for 1 topic to another with no correlation with previous topic.

      Thanks in advance

    5. Website yang sangat bagus. Tampilannya sederhana sehingga tidak mengganggu.
      Saya senang bisa belajar disini. Karena setiap istilah yang tidak familiar terlink dengan bagus. I recommend this website.
      Semoga sukses selalu.

      • Terima kasih kunjungan, komen, dukungan, dan doanya Arrafi.. buat saya makin semangat dan berusaha meluruskan niat haha. Semoga sukses juga untuk Arrafi dalam segala hal aamiin :)

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