Yes-No Question Present Perfect Tense: Rumus dan Contoh Kalimat

Soal Yes-No Question Present Perfect

Rumus Yes-No Question Present Perfect Tense

Kalimat positive present perfect tense menggunakan auxiliary verb “have/has” sebagai komponen verb phrase-nya. Yes-no question dapat langsung dibuat dengan menukar posisi subject of verb (S) dan have/has.

Kalimat Positive

S + have/has + past participle

Yes-No Question

Have/has + S + past participle


  • have untuk subject “I”, “you” (singular/plural), dan plural subject (Kevin and his friends, we, they)
  • has untuk third person singular (Kevin, a friend, she, he, it)
Contoh yes-no question present perfect tense: Have you been to Cape Town? (Apakah kamu pernah ke Cape Town?)

contoh yes-no question present perfect tense

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Contoh Kalimat Yes-No Question Present Perfect Tense

  1. I have reached my bandwith limit.
    (Saya telah mencapai batas bandwith.)

    Have I reached my bandwith limit?
    (Apakah saya telah mencapai batas bandwith?)

  2. The doctor has found the cause of your painful joints.
    (Dokter tersebut telah menemukan penyebab nyeri sendi-sendimu?)

    Has the doctor found the cause of your painful joints?
    (Apakah dokter telah menemukan penyebab nyeri sendi-sendimu?)

  3. They have gone to Balikpapan?
    (Mereka telah pergi ke Balikpapan.)

    Have they gone to balikpapan?
    (Apakah mereka telah pergi ke Balikpapan?)

  4. His air conditioners have worked properly.
    (Pendingin udaranya telah bekerja dengan benar.)

    Have his air conditioners worked properly?
    (Apakah pendingin udaranya telah bekerja dengan benar?)

Contoh Short Answer Response Present Perfect Tense

  1. Have I/we destroyed someone’s reputation?
    • Yes, you have.
    • No, you haven’t.
  2. Has she/he/it destroyed someone’s reputation?
    • Yes, she/he/it has.
    • No, she/he/it hasn’t.
  3. Have you destroyed someone’s reputation?
    • Yes, I have.
    • No, I haven’t.
  4. Have they destroyed someone’s reputation?
    • Yes. they have.
    • No, they haven’t.

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