Yes-No Question Present Perfect Tense

Soal Yes-No Question Present Perfect

Rumus Yes-No Question Present Perfect Tense

Kalimat positive present perfect tense menggunakan auxiliary verb “have/has” sebagai komponen verb phrase-nya. Yes-no question dapat langsung dibuat dengan menukar posisi subject of verb (S) dan have/has.

Kalimat Positive:

S + have/has + past participle

Yes-No Question:

Have/has + S + past participle


  • have untuk subject “I”, “you” (singular/plural), dan plural subject (Kevin and his friends, we, they)
  • has untuk third person singular (Kevin, a friend, she, he, it)
Contoh yes-no question present perfect tense: Have you been to Cape Town? (Apakah kamu pernah ke Cape Town?)
contoh yes-no question present perfect tense

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Contoh Kalimat Yes-No Question Present Perfect Tense

  • I have reached my bandwith limit.
    (Saya telah mencapai batas bandwith.)
  • Have I reached my bandwith limit?
    (Apakah saya telah mencapai batas bandwith?)
  • The doctor has found the cause of your painful joints.
    (Dokter tersebut telah menemukan penyebab nyeri sendi-sendimu?)
  • Has the doctor found the cause of your painful joints?
    (Apakah dokter telah menemukan penyebab nyeri sendi-sendimu?)
  • They have gone to Balikpapan?
    (Mereka telah pergi ke Balikpapan.)
  • Have they gone to balikpapan?
    (Apakah mereka telah pergi ke Balikpapan?)
  • His air conditioners have worked properly.
    (Pendingin udaranya telah bekerja dengan benar.)
  • Have his air conditioners worked properly?
    (Apakah pendingin udaranya telah bekerja dengan benar?)

Contoh Short Answer Response Present Perfect Tense

Yes-No Question Short Answer Response
Have I/we destroyed someone’s reputation?
  • Yes, you have.
  • No, you haven’t.
Has she/he/it destroyed someone’s reputation?
  • Yes, she/he/it has.
  • No, she/he/it hasn’t.
Have you destroyed someone’s reputation?
  • Yes, I have.
  • No, I haven’t.
Have they destroyed someone’s reputation?
  • Yes. they have.
  • No, they haven’t.


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Table of Contents:

  1. Present Perfect Tense
  2. Passive Voice – Present Perfect Tense
  3. Negative – Present Perfect Tense
  4. Yes-No Question Present Perfect
  5. Wh- Question Present Perfect Tense



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