Soal Personal Pronoun

Materi Personal Pronoun

Sekilas Personal Pronoun

Personal pronoun merupakan kata ganti untuk orang, hewan, benda, atau hal secara spesifik. Pronoun ini tergantung pada case (subject/object/possessive), number (singular/plural), person (first/second/third), dan gender (male/female/neutral) dari noun yang digantikan.

materi soal personal pronoun (tabel)
materi soal personal pronoun (tabel)

10 Contoh Soal Personal Pronoun

Ketik a, b, atau c untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini.

  1. … just left ten minutes ago.

    1. He
    2. His
    3. Him

    Your answer:

  2. My brother told me not to touch … when he wasn't at home.

    1. he
    2. his
    3. him

    Your answer:

  3. Reny and … are going to visit a new born baby this weekend.

    1. me
    2. mine
    3. I

    Your answer:

  4. … is the cheapest watch ever sold at the store.

    1. Your
    2. Yours
    3. You

    Your answer:

  5. This pink laptop case is …

    1. she
    2. hers
    3. her

    Your answer:


  1. You shouldn’t be angry with … since you’re the one who was curious.

    1. them
    2. they
    3. their

    Your answer:

  2. The interviewer asked … why I am interested in the position.

    1. me
    2. mine
    3. I

    Your answer:

  3. I'm interested to buy your bike. Could you please show … to me?

    1. its
    2. it

    Your answer:

  4. They have their own wood gas camp stove. Why are they using … ?

    1. us
    2. ours
    3. we

    Your answer:

  5. The manager gave … no choice.

    1. him
    2. he
    3. his

    Your answer:


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Materi Personal Pronoun

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24 thoughts on “Soal Personal Pronoun”

  1. 4. … is the cheapest watch ever sold at the store.
    Knp jawaban nya bisa yours Kak..
    Kan yours bukan subject tapi possesive pronoun

    • Halo Bobby,

      Pronoun itu punya 3 macam case: subjective, objective, dan possessive case. Sesuai namanya, pronoun pada subjective case (I, you, they, we, she, he, it, etc) berarti berfungsi sebagai subject of verb atau subject complement; objective case (me, you, us, them, her, him, it, etc) sebagai object of verb atau object of preposition; sedangkan possessive case (mine, yours, ours, theirs, hers, his, its, etc) dapat berfungsi sebagai subject ataupun object di dalam suatu kalimat.

      Kita lihat posisi yang kosong di kalimat itu jelas-jelas subject ya, berarti ada dua kemungkinan yang mengisi yaitu si pronoun pada subjective case atau possessive case. Selanjutnya tinggal liat konteksnya aja Bobby.. kalo pake “you” kan gak make sense :D, berarti tersisa yours 🙂 Kalo versi possessive adjective + noun = your watch

      Saya sarankan baca: (pronoun cases)

    • karena yours itu artinya kepunyaan, terus kalo kita pakai you berarti are bukan is, nah kalo your kan gk ada kata benda setelah itu, itu sih menurut ku

      • I am sorry. I want ask you about no. 2? Is that the correct answer?
        My brother told me not to touch “his” when he wasn’t at home..
        In my mind him is the correct answer, because it is objective. Possessive personal pronoun must be followed by noun.

          • Hi Zahrah! 🙂

            I think you’ve got the point–why “his” is the correct answer. Possessive pronouns can act as a subject or direct object. Possessive adjectives have similar forms to possessive pronouns, but they are followed by a noun, while possessive pronouns stand for a noun.

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