Soal Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Materi Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Past perfect continuous tense merupakan bentuk kata kerja yang berfungsi untuk membicarakan aksi berdurasi waktu tertentu yang sudah selesai pada suatu titik waktu tertentu di masa lampau.

9 Contoh Soal Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Pilihlah salah satu jawaban untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini.

  1. My nephew was sick since he … outside in bad weather all day.

    1. has been playing
    2. had been playing
  2. His skin became darker because he … something under the scorching sun without sunscreen.

    1. had been doing
    2. has been doing
  3. When you … the room, we … the matter of our wages for 10 minutes.

    1. entered, had been discussing
    2. had been entering, discussed
  4. By the time I asked, my home assistant …

    1. had been getting rid toxic household items of
    2. had been getting rid of toxic household items
  5. The senior engineer … the project for a year before he resigned.

    1. had been being managed
    2. had been managing
  6. Shasa … the diet plan for more than two weeks when finally recognizing it didn’t work.

    1. has been trying
    2. had been trying
  7. Vina was sad since you … her for a long time.

    1. had not been contacting
    2. had been not contacting
  8. … his mobile phone conversations for a few minutes when he suddenly opened the door?

    1. had been you overhearing
    2. had you been overhearing
  9. I … on the railway station waiting room for an hour before the train arrived.

    1. had been being sit
    2. had been sitting


  1. a. had been playing
  2. a. had been doing
  3. a. entered, had been discussing | Past perfect continuous tense untuk mengekspresikan aksi yang (lebih) panjang. “When you entered the room…” terjadi sesaat.
  4. b. had been getting rid of toxic household items | Get rid of merupakan phrasal verb yang tidak dapat dipisah dengan direct object (=toxic household items) antara particle dengan verb-nya ~ inseparable.
  5. b. had been managing
  6. b. had been trying
  7. a. had not been contacting
  8. b. had you been overhearing
  9. b. had been sitting

Materi Past Perfect Continuous Tense

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    • Had been v-ing untuk past perfect continuous tense. Untuk had been being v-3 sepertinya tidak lazim Sia, passive-perfect continuous itu bentuk yang tidak disukai.

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