Basic Noun Phrase

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Tentang Basic Noun Phrase

Basic noun phrase terdiri dari: determiner (pre, central, dan/atau post) dan head (noun, number, atau adjective). 


Berdasarkan posisinya terhadap determiner lain, kata ini dapat dibedakan menjadi:

  • Predeterminer: mendahului determiner lainnya.
  • Central determiner: diletakkan setelah pre dengan atau tanpa post determiner setelahnya.
  • Post Determiner: diletakkan setelah pre dan atau central determiner.

Lihat urutan determinerThe Ordering of Determiners


Head terdiri atas:

  • noun (kata benda); berupa: countable noun (contoh: student, cat, job) atau uncountable noun (contoh: sugar, cheese, tolerance)
  • number; yaitu:
    ordinal numbers (contoh: first, second, third),
    cardinal numbers (contoh: one, two, ten), dan
    general ordinal (contoh: next, last, previous, subsequent)
  • adjective (kata sifat); contoh: rich, poor

Contoh Determiner

Macam dan contoh determiner berdasarkan posisinya terhadap determiner lain sebagai berikut.

DeterminerContohContoh Noun Phrase
Premultiplierdouble, twice, three timesdouble the books, twice the money,
three times the bottles
fractionone-third, two-fifths, three-quartersone-third of the students,
two-fifths of the water,
three-quarter of the visitors
distributiveboth, all, halfall shops, both cars, half the price
intensifierquite, rather, not really, indeedquite a difference, rather a fool,
not really a mistake, indeed a job
exclamativewhat, suchwhat a beautiful view,
such a girlfriend
Centralarticlea, an, thea rhinoceros, an orange, the building
demonstrativethis, that, these, thosethis computer, that house,
these netbooks, those birds
possessivemy, your, his, her, our, theirmy bag, your job, his jacket,
her scarf, our shoes, their idea,
its cage
interrogativewhich, what
Postnumberone, two, second, fourth, next, lastthe next page, the fourth floor
quantifiereach, every, any, some, few, little,
many, much, several
each donut, every student,
any news, some food,
few problems, little food,
many people, much time,
several fish

Contoh Noun Phrase

Beberapa contoh basic noun phrase sebagai berikut.

NoDeterminerHeadNoun Phrase
1allthemanytreesall the many trees
2thefirstthe first
3four timeshissalaryfour times his salary
4thenextthe next
5therichthe rich

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Table of Contents:

  1. Noun Phrase (Introduction)
  2. Basic Noun Phrase
  3. Complex Noun Phrase
  4. Contoh Complex Noun Phrase

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