Soal Many vs. Much

Materi Many vs. Much

Many dan much merupakan kata yang berfungsi sebagai determiner atau pronoun ketika membicarakan kuantitas. Sebagai determinermany digunakan bersama countable noun atau plural noun, sedangkan much digunakan bersama uncountable noun atau singular noun. Adapun sebagai subjek kalimat, many dipasangkan dengan plural verb, sedangkan much dengan singular verb.

10 Contoh Soal Many vs. Much

Ketik many atau much untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini.

  1. How  books have you read this year?

  2. My father doesn't eat  salt.

  3.  are being filled with non-biodegradable waste.

  4. How  crude oil did the country import in 2013?

  5. I bought too  apples yesterday, so I made some pies.

  6. Can I eat as  fruits as I want without gaining weight?

  7. How  of the students have completed the task successfully?

  8. Too coffee may affect your sleep patterns.

  9. You can find so  cheap hotels near to the airport.

  10. How  the earth's surface is covered with water?


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Materi Many vs. Much

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  1. aku mau menanyakan soal yg membingungkan untuk saya.
    “She has ….. many books that she needs more room to keep them”
    A. Such a B. Such C. So a D. So

    Jawabannya apakah B atau D, saya tidak bisa mengerjakan soal tersebut, mohon bantuan penjelasannya. Trimakasih 🙂


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