Soal Superlative Degree (Adverb) dan Jawaban

Materi Superlative Degree

Adverb mengalami perubahan bentuk ketika digunakan sebagai perbandingan. Pada regular form perubahan bentuk adverb mengikuti pola tertentu, namun berlaku sebaliknya pada irregular form.

8 Contoh Soal Superlative Degree (Adverb)

Lengkapi kalimat di bawah ini dengan superlative form dari adverb di dalam kurung.

  1. Who lives the  (near) to the school?

  2. I use my smartphone the  (often) to provide Internet service to my computer.

  3. The customers were treated badly, but I was treated the  (badly)

  4. My brother works the  (hard) in the water treatment company.

  5. He talked to me the  (seriously) of all the interviewers.

  6. It is the  (quickly) built stadium in New Zealand.

  7. The hospital performed the  (well) in heart bypass surgery.

  8. It was the  (beautifully) written book I've ever read.


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Materi Superlative Degree

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