Everyone / Every One: Pengertian, Contoh Kalimat, dan Soal

Pengertian Everyone dan Every One

Everyone merupakan indefinite pronoun yang berarti “all the people in a group” (semua orang di dalam suatu kelompok), sedangkan every one merupakan noun yang berarti “each one” (setiap individu).

Everyone memiliki sinonim, yakni: everybody.

Every One of

Every one sering diikuti oleh preposition “of”. Noun ini digunakan bersama preposition “of” ketika diikuti personal pronoun (you, us, them), demonstrative (those, these), article (the), atau possessive (your, my, our).

everyone vs. every oneContoh Kalimat Everyone dan Every One dan Artinya

  1. You can’t make everyone in the world like you.
    (Kamu tidak bisa membuat semua orang di dunia menyukaimu.)
  2. What does everyone need to know about genetics?
    (Apa yang semua orang perlu tau tentang genetika?)
  3. Everyone in this group enjoys reading books.
    (Setiap orang di kelompok ini suka membaca buku.)
  4. Every one of you will get a piece of chocolate cake.
    (Setiap dari kamu akan mendapatkan sepotong kue coklat.)
  5. The teacher said every one of the students passed the test.
    (Guru itu mengatakan bahwa setiap siswa lulus tes.)
  6. Every one of the staff contributed to solving the problem.
    (Setiap staff berkontribusi menyelesaikan masalah tersebut.)

Contoh Soal Everyone dan Every One

Ketik everyone atau every one untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini.

  1.  of you has at least one heartbreaking secret.

  2. Did  come on time?

  3. He just asked  to vote for his or her favorite presidential candidate.

  4. The company gave  of its employees a year-end bonus.

  5.  at the party ate and was satisfied.

  6.  of our florists is completely trained and passionate about flowers.

  7.  knows the world is round instead of flat.


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