Soal Conditional Sentence Type 2

Materi Conditional Sentence Type 2

Sekilas Conditional Sentence Type 2

Conditional sentence type 2 merupakan conditional sentence dimana result (hasil) dari condition (syarat) tak memiliki atau hanya sedikit kemungkinan terwujud karena condition-nya tak mungkin dipenuhi di masa sekarang atau sukar dipenuhi di masa depan.

Rumus conditional sentence type 2: If simple past, would/could/might + bare infinitive.
rumus conditional sentence type 2

10 Contoh Soal Conditional Sentence Type 2

Pilihlah jawaban yang menurutmu paling tepat untuk melengkapi bagian yang kosong dengan mengetik a atau b.

  1. If I … his mind, I wouldn’t let him touch my PC.

    1. could read
    2. would read

    Your answer:

  2. If I … him, I would quit my job and start a business.

    1. was
    2. were

    Your answer:

  3. If he were here, I … him not to enter the room without permission.

    1. would advise
    2. would advice

    Your answer:

  4. It … appreciated if you returned the form as soon as possible.

    1. would be greatly
    2. would greatly

    Your answer:

  5. … I rich, I would send my son to study overseas.

    1. Were if
    2. Were

    Your answer:

  1. If he studied harder, he … the best score in his class.

    1. would got
    2. would get

    Your answer:

  2. Your parents wouldn’t be angry if you … to them.

    1. didn't lie
    2. don't lie

    Your answer:

  3. Unless Reny got enough sleep, she … productive.

    1. wouldn't
    2. wouldn't be

    Your answer:

  4. If I won a gold medal at the international physics olympiad, I … admision in some universities without test.

    1. could get
    2. can get

    Your answer:

  5. If you had a sister, … clothes with her?

    1. would you share
    2. you would share

    Your answer:


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Materi Conditional Sentence Type 2

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