Soal Good vs. Well

Materi Good vs. Well

Good selalu adjective yang menerangkan noun atau pronoun, sedangkan well seringnya digunakan sebagai adverb (dapat berfungsi sebagai adjective ketika menyatakan “healthy”) yang menerangkan bagaimana sesuatu dilakukan. Orang kadang-kadang tertukar penggunaannya, bahkan native speaker sekalipun.

10 Contoh Soal Good vs. Well

Pilihlah good atau well yang tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini.

  1. She looked really … without make up.

  2. You plants will grow … in spring and fall.

  3. I want to be a … grammarian.

  4. The service was …

  5. I want to know how to do … on exams.

  6. I think they are … mechanical engineers.

  7. How do you write so … ?

  8. He run the company very …

  9. It is important to write a … cover letter for a job resume.

  10. They all can speak English …


  1. good | good (adjective) setelah look (verb of sensation)
  2. well | well (adverb) menerangkan grow (verb)
  3. good | good menerangkan grammarian (noun)
  4. good | good setelah was (verb of being) menerangkan service (subject of sentence)
  5. well | well menerangkan do (verb)
  6. good | good setelah are (verb of being) menerangkan they (subject)
  7. well | well menerangkan write (verb)
  8. well | well menerangkan run (verb)
  9. good | good menerangkan letter (noun)
  10. well | well menerangkan speak (verb)

Materi Good vs. Well

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