Contoh Soal Correlative Conjunction dan Jawabannya

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Sekilas Correlative Conjunction

Correlative conjunction merupakan kata hubung yang digunakan secara berpasangan untuk menunjukkan hubungan antara dua kata, frasa, atau klausa.

Soal Correlative Conjunction

Di bawah ini 10 contoh soal correlative conjunction dan jawabannya berbentuk pilihan ganda. Ketik a atau b sesuai dengan pilihan yang menurutmu paling tepat untuk melengkapi bagian yang kosong.

  1. Whales, dolphins, and walruses are ... fish ... mammals.

    1. not ... but
    2. not only ... but also

    Your answer:

  2. Lia and I discussed ... to attend the meeting ... have a representative attend in our place.

    1. between ... or
    2. whether ... or

    Your answer:

  3. ... had hotel housekeeper left ... the guests entered the room.

    1. hardly ... than
    2. no sooner ... than

    Your answer:

  4. The more you smile, ... you will get positive reactions from others.

    1. the less
    2. the more

    Your answer:

  5. Neither the woman ... her daughter has a posititive attitude.

    1. nor
    2. or

    Your answer:

  1. I would like to try both the classic tiramisu ... creamy cheesecake recipes.

    1. or
    2. and

    Your answer:

  2. She would rather wash clothes by hand ... use a dishwasher.

    1. to
    2. than

    Your answer:

  3. Choosing between staying at home ... working full-time were not easy for her.

    1. and
    2. to

    Your answer:

  4. Do you know the distance from Earth ... Mars?

    1. and
    2. to

    Your answer:

  5. You can either wear open-toe sandals ... shoes to work at the office.

    1. or
    2. nor

    Your answer:


Javascript pada browser perlu diaktifkan untuk menampilkan quiz ini. Jika quiz tidak berjalan, kamu dapat mengunjungi Soal dan Jawaban Correlative Conjunction (printable version).

Materi Correlative Conjunction

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