Soal Comparative Degree (Adverb)

Materi Comparative Degree

Adverb mengalami perubahan bentuk ketika digunakan sebagai perbandingan. Pada regular form perubahan bentuk adverb mengikuti pola tertentu, namun berlaku sebaliknya pada irregular form.

8 Contoh Soal Comparative Degree (Adverb) Pilihan Ganda

Pilihlah comparative form yang tepat dari adverb di dalam kurung dengan mengetik a atau b.

  1. He works ... (hard) than anyone else.

    1. harder
    2. more hard

    Your answer:

  2. I was told to drive ... (carefully).

    1. carefullier
    2. more carefully

    Your answer:

  3. Wawan struck the golf ball well, but his brother struck it ... (well)

    1. better
    2. more well

    Your answer:

  4. She wakes up ... (early) than she used to.

    1. earlier
    2. more early

    Your answer:

  5. Do really men talk ... (little) than women?

    1. more little
    2. less

    Your answer:

  6. They arrived ... (late) than us.

    1. more late
    2. later

    Your answer:

  7. Why did the toddlers act ... (badly) than before?

    1. worse
    2. more badly

    Your answer:

  8. Pronghorns run ... (fast) than springboks.

    1. more fast
    2. faster

    Your answer:


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Materi Comparative Degree

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