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10 Contoh Soal Comparative Degree (Adjective)

Adjective mengalami perubahan bentuk ketika digunakan sebagai perbandingan.

Pada regular form perubahan bentuk adjective mengikuti pola tertentu, namun berlaku sebaliknya pada irregular form.

Lengkapi kalimat di bawah ini dengan comparative form dari adjective di dalam kurung.

  1. Naga Viper peppers are (spicy) than Red Savina peppers.

  2. She is a few inches  (tall) than her brother.

  3. Relapses in multiple sclerosis may become  (bad) over time.

  4. Living in San Francisco is  (expensive) than Boston.

  5. We couldn't be  (thrilled) to work with him.

  6. Do you have a  (sharp) blade than this?

  7. A negative number is  (little) than zero.

  8. What is  (important) than money?

  9. Many food companies use soynuts because they are  (crunchy) than peanuts.

  10. Do women need ... (much) support after breaking bones?



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Materi Comparative Degree (Adjective)

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