Soal Gerund vs. Infinitive dan Jawaban

Materi Gerund vs. Infinitive

Gerund merupakan kata yang dibentuk dari verb (kata kerja) dan akhiran –ing, sedangkan infinitive dibentuk dari particle “to” dan verb. Keduanya sama-sama dapat berfungsi sebagai noun (kata benda).

Yang menjadi permasalahan adalah kapan harus menggunakan gerund dan kapan harus menggunakan infinitive di dalam suatu kalimat.

10 Contoh Soal Gerund dan Infinitive

Pilihlah kata yang tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini dengan mengetik a atau b.

  1. Do you recommend … these books?

    1. reading
    2. to read

    Your answer:

  2. Tasya wishes … her grandparents more often.

    1. visiting
    2. to visit

    Your answer:

  3. Would you mind … this questionnaire?

    1. to fill out
    2. filling out

    Your answer:

  4. My grandfather used … his hummingbirds three times a day.

    1. to feed
    2. feeding

    Your answer:

  5. I watched two lions … in the grass in South Africa.

    1. sleeping
    2. to sleep

    Your answer:

  1. I dislike … money on non-essential items.

    1. spending
    2. to spend

    Your answer:

  2. We promise … in touch with our clients.

    1. to stay
    2. staying

    Your answer:

  3. Some of the students refused … behavior guidelines.

    1. following
    2. to follow

    Your answer:

  4. My mother taught me not … about my academic work.

    1. lying
    2. to lie

    Your answer:

  5. She needs … how to serve healthy food for her family.

    1. knowing
    2. to know

    Your answer:


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Materi Gerund vs. Infinitive

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29 thoughts on “Soal Gerund vs. Infinitive dan Jawaban

  1. Wilma Yulia

    I am sorry for the late response GQueen 🙁 The word “watch” can be followed with a bare infinitive or agent + gerund.

  2. GQueen

    From the previous material, the word ‘watch’is the part of to infinitive that should not be added by anything.

    See –> feel, have, hear, have, watch, see

    But why does question number 5, there are only 2 asnwer?

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