Soal Passive Voice Pilihan Ganda dan Jawabannya

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Soal dan jawaban di bawah ini merupakan printable version dari soal passive voice dengan javascript yang mungkin sulit dijalankan oleh beberapa perangkat atau browser.

Soal  Passive Voice Pilihan Ganda

Pilihlah kata-kata yang tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini.

  1. Potatoes, black beans and chesnuts … raw.

    • were rarely consumed
    • are rarely consumed
  2. Fio … by one of the waitress now.

    • is being served
    • is served
  3. The new member enjoys … into our support group.

    • being received
    • be received
  4. You … if you meet the minimum requirements for this job.

    • would be contacted
    • will be contacted
  5. Nothing … except his credit card.

    • has been stolen
    • has stolen
  6. The buildings … of marble and granite.

    • were made
    • was made
  7. A negative anonymous letter … on my car this morning.

    • was left
    • is left
  1. … with all my stories?

    • did you bored
    • were you bored
  2. The 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia … by the Committee for Examination of Indonesian Independence and the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence.

    • were written
    • was written
  3. I want to know why a woman prefers … by a man.

    • to managed
    • to be managed


  1. are rarely consumed | Merupakan bentuk pasif dari simple present tense: is/am/are + past participle.
    Pelaku aksi (tidak disebutkan) merujuk kepada orang secara umum.
  2. is being served | bentuk pasif dari present continuous tense: is/am/are + being + present participle
  3. being received | bentuk pasif dari gerund: being + past participle
  4. will be contacted | Bentuk pasif dari simple future tense pada conditional sentence type 1: will + be + past participle
  5. has been stolen | bentuk pasif dari present perfect tense: has/have + been + present participle
  6. were made | bentuk pasif dari simple past tense: was/were + past participle
  7. was left | bentuk pasif dari simple past tense: was/were + past participle
  8. were you bored | Versi active voice-nya: Did I bore you with all my stories?
  9. was written | bentuk pasif dari simple past tense: was/were + past participle
  10. to be managed | bentuk pasif dari infinitive: (to) be + past participle


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