Posisi Adverbial Conjunction dan Punctuation

Soal Conjunction

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Posisi Adverbial Conjunction

Berikut posisi dan contoh adverbial conjunction dalam suatu kalimat.

Posisi Contoh Adverbial Conjunction
di awal kalimat Yulia drinks fresh milk and does exercise regularly; therefore(for that reason), her bones is dense and strong.
di tengah kalimat Her bones, therefore, they are dense and strong.
di akhir kalimat Her bones is dense and strong, therefore.

Modifikasi Tanda Baca

Modifikasi tanda baca comma (,) dan semicolon (;) serta contoh adverbial conjunction dalam kalimat sebagai berikut.

Ilustrasi Tanda Baca Contoh Kalimat
complete idea; X, complete idea. I’m not hungry; however, I want some cheese.
complete idea; X; complete idea. I’m not hungry; however; I want some cheese.
A, X, B.[1] I don’t, however, I want some cheese.
X, complete idea.[2] However, I don’t want some cheese
Complete idea, X.[3] I don’t want some cheese, however


  • [1] Hanya A atau B yang merupakan complete idea.
  • [2]&[3]Semicolon tidak digunakan karena kalimat hanya terdiri dari satu complete idea.
  • X = Adverbial Conjunction


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Table of Contents:

  1. Adverbial Conjunction
  2. Adverbial Conjunction dan Punctuation


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