Possessive Adjective: Pengertian dan Contoh Kalimat

Pengertian Possessive Adjective

Possessive adjective adalah determiner (special adjective) yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kepemilikan (possession) terhadap noun. Possessive adjective terdiri dari myyour, his, her, its, our, dan their.

Contoh Possessive Adjective

  • my books (buku saya)
  • your father (ayahmu)
  • our class (kelas kita)
  • their offer (tawaran mereka)
  • his last name (nama belakangnya)
  • her skirt (roknya)
  • its tail (ekornya)

Contoh Kalimat Possessive Adjective

  1. Your father just left five minutes ago.
    (Ayahmu baru saja pergi lima menit lalu.)
  2. He has accepted their offer.
    (Dia telah menerima tawaran mereka.)
  3. I didn’t even know his last name.
    (Saya bahkan tidak mengetahui nama belakangnya.)
contoh kalimat possessive adjective dan artinya: I share my recipes with my family and friends. (Saya berbagi resep-resep saya dengan keluarga dan teman-teman.)

contoh kalimat possessive adjective dan artinya

Possessive Pronoun dan Possessive Adjective

Possessive adjective memiliki bentuk yang mirip dengan possessive pronoun. Perbandingan antara pronoun dengan possessive adjective dapat dilihat pada tabel berikut.

Person Number Posessive Pronoun
1st Singular mine
2nd yours
3rd hers, his
1st Plural ours
2nd yours
3rd theirs
Person Number Possessive Adjective
1st singular atau plural my
2nd your
3rd her, his, its
1st our
2nd your
3rd their

Pronoun berfungsi mengantikan noun yang dapat berupa singular (mine, yours, hers, his, its) atau plural (ours, yours, theirs). Jika pronoun yang berperan sebagai subjek kalimat berupa singular, maka verb yang mengikuti berbentuk singular, begitupun sebaliknya.

Sedangkan semua possessive adjective dapat digunakan bersama singular maupun plural noun. Ketika noun yang berperan sebagai subjek kalimat berupa singular, maka diikuti verb berbentuk singular, berlaku sebaliknya.

S (possessive adjective + noun) + verb: verb, singular atau plural, yangmengikuti subjek kalimat dengan possessive adjective tergantung dari number dari noun pada subjek kalimat tersebut.

possessive adjective, noun, dan verb

Contoh Kalimat Possessive Pronoun / Possessive Adjective

  • Mine is the biggest one. / My house is the biggest one.
    (Milikku adalah yang terbesar. / Rumahku adalah yang terbesar.) subject
  • The city is mine. / The city is my hometown.
    (Kota tsb milikku. / Kota tsb adalah kampung halamanku.) subject complement
  • Yours was sent yesterday. / Your letter was sent yesterday.
    (Milikmu dikirim kemarin. / Suratmu dikirim kemarin.) subject
  • Yours were sent yesterday. / Your letters were sent yesterday. subject
  • Today is yours. / Today is your day.
    (Hari ini milikmu. / Hari ini harimu.) subject complement
  • Hers is beautiful. / Her skirt is beautiful.
    (Miliknya cantik. / Rok dia cantik.) subject
  • It is not his. / It is not his car.
    (Itu bukan miliknya. / Itu bukan mobilnya.) subject complement
  • I like his. / I like his car.
    (Saya suka miliknya. / Saya suka mobil dia.) object
  • – / That puppy wagged its tail.
    (Anak anjing itu mengibaskan ekornya.)
  • Ours is on the table. / Our key is on the table.
    (Milik kita di atas meja. / Kunci kita di atas meja.) subject
  • That is ours. / That is our class.
    (Itu milik kita. / Itu kelas kita.) subject complement
  • They found ours. / They found our key.
    (Mereka menemukan milik kita. / Mereka menemukan kunci kita.) object
  • Theirs are the official rules. / Their rules are the official rules.
    (Punya mereka adalah peraturan resmi. / Peraturan mereka adalah peraturan resmi.) subject
  • Some of the good books are theirs. / Some are their own.
    (Beberapa dari buku bagus tsb adalah milik mereka. / Beberapa adalah milik mereka.) subject complement

Posisi Possessive Adjective di dalam Noun Phrase

Possessive adjective tepat berada di depan simple noun atau dapat disela oleh determiner lain maupun adjective (sebagai modifier) pada noun phrase. Sebagai informasi, possessive adjective merupakan salah satu dari central determiner, yaitu determiner yang diletakkan diantara pre dan post-determiner pada suatu noun phrase.

Contoh Possessive Adjective di dalam Noun Phrase

  1. your choice


    determiner “possessive adjective” (your) + noun (choice)

  2. two-third his salary


    predeterminer “fraction” (two-third) + central determiner “possessive adjective” (my) + noun (salary)

  3. my funny cat


    determiner “possessive adjective” (my) + modifier “adjective” (funny) + noun (cat)

10 Contoh Soal Possessive Adjective Pilihan Ganda

Pilihlah possessive adjective yang tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini dengan mengetik a, b, c, atau d.

  1. Dr. John and the team are committed to delivering the highest quality product to ... clients.

    1. our
    2. his
    3. their
    4. its

    Your answer:

  2. Andrian just bought a used car. ... car has manual locks.

    1. Its
    2. His
    3. My
    4. Their

    Your answer:

  3. The woman gets up before dawn and sells fruits and vegetables at the farmer's market to pay for ... daughter's college tuition.

    1. her
    2. his
    3. their
    4. our

    Your answer:

  4. I love swimming. Sometimes I go to public swimming pool with ... family.

    1. my
    2. your
    3. their
    4. our

    Your answer:

  5. Please take ... shoes off before entering the room.

    1. his
    2. your
    3. my
    4. our

    Your answer:

  6. Someone has left ... watch in the bathroom.

    1. its
    2. their
    3. his
    4. his or her

    Your answer:

  7. Why do a cat chase ... tail?

    1. its
    2. their
    3. his
    4. his or her

    Your answer:

  8. The lawyer or his assistants will ask some questions about your case in ... office.

    1. his
    2. their
    3. her
    4. its

    Your answer:

  9. My husband and I found two dead mice in ... sink a couple days ago.

    1. my
    2. our
    3. their
    4. his

    Your answer:

  10. Some eliminate fast food from ... daily diet.

    1. his
    2. their
    3. his or her
    4. your

    Your answer:


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