Noun sebagai Countable atau Uncountable Noun

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Ada beberapa noun yang dapat menempati posisi baik sebagai countable maupun uncountable walaupun makna yang dihasilkan agak atau sangat berbeda. 

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Suatu kata benda dapat menempati posisi sebagai countable noun atau uncountable dengan beberapa kondisi sebagai berikut.

Kondisi Penjelasan Contoh
1 Antara countable dan uncountable memiliki kata yang sama namun dengan arti yang berbeda.
  • glass – uncountable noun (=material)
  • a glasscountable noun (=gelas)
2 Pada abstract noun, countable menempati makna spesifik sedangkan uncountable bermakna general.
  • an extreme sport – countable noun
  • sport – uncountable noun
3 Pada common noun, countable dapat merujuk pada keseluruhan atau varietas benda sedangkan uncountable berbicara tentang bagian.
  • cheeses – countable noun (=varietas)
  • a bar of cheese = uncountable

Contoh Kalimat

Noun Contoh Kalimat
Countable Noun Uncountable Noun
Kondisi 1
glass The boy drank a glass of milk. The box is made of glass.
iron Can I borrow your iron?
(=alat setrika)
We need enough iron to prevent anemia.
light My father should change the light in the kitchen one week ago.
There is not enough light to read.
paper I have an interesting paper to read.
I need some paper to print the report.
Kondisi 2
business He has run a business since 2008. Business is one of the most favorite topic in the class.
experience I got an unforgetable experience
while climbing the mountain.
If you’ve experience of designing high-rise buildings, then you can apply for this position.
life Many women prefer a secure life. Life is wild in the hunter’s opinion.
noise There was a noise on the road. He woke up early because of too much noise outside his bedroom.
sport Parkour is an extreme sport. I really love sport.
time I hope you have a good time on the journey. He has only little time to get ready.
Kondisi 3
cake They sent me a cake on my birthday.
(=satu buah kue)
She gave the first piece of cake for her mother.
cheese I have tried kinds of cheeses from many countries.
The woman is grating a bar of cheese.
chocolate There are five chocolates left in the box.
(=five bars of chocolates)
I need some chocolate to boost my mood.
coffee Give me two coffees without cream, please!
(=two cups of coffees)
He prefers to drink tea to coffee.
hair He said that one hundred hairs loss per day is still normal.
(=seratus helai rambut)
The man dyed his hair in red.
juice The woman put some juices on the table.
(=gelas/botol jus)
He drank some juice at the party.


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