Nominalization Bahasa Inggris: Pengertian dan Contoh

Pengertian Nominalization

Nominalization adalah proses pembuatan noun (kata benda) dari part of speech lain, umumnya adjective (kata sifat) atau adverb (kata keterangan).

Pada proses yang merupakan tipe word formation ini, mungkin ditambahkan derivational suffix pada verb atau adjective tersebut.

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nominalization bahasa Inggris: adjective/adverb +/- derivational suffix => noun

nominalization bahasa Inggris

Contoh Common Nominalization

Verb → Noun

Verb Noun
agree agreement
allow allowance
discover discovery
excite excitement
fail failure
fly flight
grow growth
impair impairment
invade invasion
move movement
operate operation
react reaction
refuse refusal
resist resistance
study study

Adjective → Noun

Adjective Noun
applicable applicability
careless carelessness
different difference
difficult difficulty
elegant elegance
happy happiness
industrial industrialisation
intense intensity
less lessee
wide width

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