Soal When vs. While dan Jawaban

Materi When vs. While

When dan while ialah subordinate conjunction untuk menyatakan hubungan waktu (time expression).When dan while berada di dalam suatu time clause (adverbial clause) untuk menjembatani hubungan dengan main clause. Baik when maupun while digunakan pada complex sentence yang clause-nya menggunakan simple past tense dan/atau past continuous tense. Oleh karena itu, penting untuk kita mengetahui kapan menggunakan when dan kapan menggunakan while.

6 Contoh Soal When vs. While

Ketik a untuk when atau b untuk while untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini.

  1. The police stopped him  he was driving.

  2. She was showering  her newborn baby was sleeping soundly.

  3. I asked his name, he hung up.

  4.  Ivan and Rony were swimming, their friends were sunbathing.

  5. My mother used to place a cold compress on my forehead  I was sick.

  6.  I was waiting for the bus, someone came and asked questions.


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Materi When vs. While

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  1. can you make the question about ACTIVE and PASSIVE grammar?

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    • can you make the question about ACTIVE and PASSIVE grammarvoice?
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      please (you) correct me if I have some faults .

      Afi, At this time I only have the passive voice quiz, but I’m going to make the active and passive voice quiz. Thank you for your request 🙂

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