Soal Principal vs. Principle

Materi Principal vs. Principle

Principal dapat berfungsi sebagai noun atau adjective dengan makna masing-masing “the person in charge of: a school [US] or a college/university [UK]” dan “most important, main”, sementara principle selalu noun yang bermakna “a basic truth” atau “a moral rule or belief that influences  one’s behavior”.

8 Contoh Soal Principal vs. Principle

Ketik principal atau principle untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini.

  1. Fighting for what he thinks is right, I consider him a man of .

  2. I wrote a letter for the  of the college.

  3. It is not my  reason for coming tonight.

  4. The lecturer doesn't even understand the fundamental  of sociology. (principals/principles)

  5. The young man was the  announcer.

  6. The United Nations is based on the  of the sovereign equality of all members of it.

  7. Who is the  of the University of Aberdeen?

  8. He refuses to accept gifts from clients because it's against his . (principals/principles)


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Materi Principal vs. Principle

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