Contoh Soal Present Perfect Tense dan Jawabannya

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Sekilas Present Perfect Tense

Present perfect tense merupakan bentuk kata kerja untuk menyatakan bahwa suatu kejadian telah dimulai di masa lalu dan sudah rampung pada titik waktu tertentu di masa lalu atau berlanjut sampai sekarang.

Soal Present Perfect Tense

Di bawah ini 10 contoh soal present perfect tense berbentuk pilihan ganda. Ketik a atau b sesuai dengan pilihan yang menurutmu paling tepat untuk melengkapi bagian yang kosong.

  1. I ... read the terms and conditions.

    1. have
    2. has

    Your answer:

  2. The businessman ... offered her three times the value of her property, but she's not interested.

    1. 've
    2. 's

    Your answer:

  3. Have you ever ... the beautiful desert scenery?

    1. see
    2. seen

    Your answer:

  4. ... Mahesa been to New Zealand?

    1. is
    2. has

    Your answer:

  5. My cousin ... as a medical assistant for almost a year.

    1. has worked
    2. have worked

    Your answer:

  1. Someone ... left the letter on your desk.

    1. have
    2. has

    Your answer:

  2. Julie as well as her sister ... used organic products for skin care since January.

    1. have
    2. has

    Your answer:

  3. One of the students ... completed the final exam.

    1. 've just
    2. 's just

    Your answer:

  4. How much have you ... for clothes that you never wear?

    1. spent
    2. spend

    Your answer:

  5. He hasn't ... a bribe for education services, has he?

    1. paid
    2. pay

    Your answer:


Javascript pada browser perlu diaktifkan untuk menampilkan quiz ini. Jika quiz tidak berjalan, kamu dapat mengunjungi  Soal dan Jawaban Present Perfect Tense (printable version).


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