Soal Passive Voice – Simple Future Tense

Materi Passive Voice – Simple Future Tense

Direct object pada active voice menjadi subject pada passive voice dimana pada simple future tense kata kerja auxiliary verb will + bare infinitive diubah menjadi will + be + bare infinitive.

Active Voice:

S + will + bare infinitive

Passive Voice:

S (direct objectactive voice) + will + be + bare infinitive +/- by … (subjectactive voice)

8 Contoh Soal Passive Voice – Simple Future Tense

Isilah bagian yang kosong dengan passive voice – simple future tense (will) dengan mengikuti petunjuk di dalam kurung.

  1. The coal mine (close) by the end of this year.

  2. Your apartment  (rent)

  3. Late submission (not accept) by the instructor.

  4. The kidnappers (arrest)

  5. The public works projects (complete) next month.

  6. Some hard questions (ask)

  7. A coffee shop (open) at the first floor of the this building some time next month.

  8. Your personal information (not sell)


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Materi Passive Voice – Simple Future Tense

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