Soal Passive Voice – Past Continuous Tense dan Jawaban

Materi Passive Voice – Past Continuous Tense

Direct object pada active voice menjadi subject pada passive voice dimana pada past continuous tense kata kerja be (was/were) + v-ing (present participle) diubah menjadi be (was/were) + being + verb-3 (past participle).

Active Voice:

S + was/were + present participle + direct object

Passive Voice:

S (direct objectactive voice) + was/were + being + past participle +/- by … (subjectactive voice)

10 Contoh Soal Passive Voice – Past Continuous Tense Pilihan Ganda

Ketik a atau b untuk melengkapi bagian yang kosong pada soal passive voice – past continuous tense di bawah ini dengan mengikuti petunjuk di dalam kurung.

  1. We were sitting quietly while the movie ... (play).

    1. was being played
    2. were being played

    Your answer:

  2. When Anna came to her grandfather's house, the roses ... (water).

    1. was being watered
    2. were being watered

    Your answer:

  3. My car ... (service) at this time yesterday.

    1. was being serviced
    2. were being serviced

    Your answer:

  4. ... paths through the jungle being cleared all day yesterday?

    1. was
    2. were

    Your answer:

  5. The guest walked up to me while the dishwasher ... (load).

    1. was being loaded
    2. were being loaded

    Your answer:

  6. I couldn't use my computer last week because it ... (repair).

    1. was being repaired
    2. were being repaired

    Your answer:

  1. It ... (no longer produced) in 1977.

    1. was no longer being produced
    2. were no longer being produced

    Your answer:

  2. Breakfast ... (serve) when we arrived.

    1. was being served
    2. were being served

    Your answer:

  3. I was told that the hardware ... (not make) any more.

    1. wasn't being made
    2. weren't being made

    Your answer:

  4. I discovered two weddings ... (hold) at this hotel at 8 pm last night.

    1. was being held
    2. were being held

    Your answer:





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Materi Passive Voice – Past Continuous Tense

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