Soal Indefinite Pronoun dan Jawaban

Materi Indefinite Pronoun

Indefinite pronoun merupakan kata ganti untuk orang, benda, atau hal secara umum. Kata ganti ini ada yang berbentuk singular (tunggal), plural (jamak), maupun bisa singular bisa plural.

Sebagian indefinite pronoun dapat pula digunakan sebagai determiner yang mengawali suatu kata benda.

10 Contoh Soal Indefinite Pronoun Pilihan Ganda

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  1. What do … need to know before renting a car?

    1. everyone
    2. ones

    Your answer:

  2. You can’t buy … with money.

    1. everything
    2. something

    Your answer:

  3. … is known about all the oceans.

    1. little
    2. few

    Your answer:

  4. … may be allowed to access the content at this time.

    1. few
    2. little

    Your answer:

  5. Somebody left … socks in the washing machine.

    1. their
    2. his or her

    Your answer:

  1. Nobody … to be unwealthy and unfamous.

    1. want
    2. wants

    Your answer:

  2. Many … significantly damaged after a fire broke out.

    1. was
    2. were

    Your answer:

  3. Much … in your favorite drinks.

    1. is
    2. are

    Your answer:

  4. Neither … been selected to be included in the publication.

    1. have
    2. has

    Your answer:

  5. Some … lychees before buying them.

    1. taste
    2. tastes

    Your answer:


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Materi Indefinite Pronoun

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