Soal Fell vs. Felt dan Jawaban

Materi Fell vs. Felt

Fell berasal dari  bare infinitive “fall” yang berarti “to drop down from a higher level or to suddenly stop standing”, sedangkan felt dari “feel” yang merupakan linking verb yang bermakna “to experience a particular feeling or emotion” atau transitive verb yang bermakna “to notice something that affects you physically”.

10 Contoh Soal Fell vs. Felt

Lengkapi kalimat di bawah ini dengan fell atau felt.

  1. The tree  down before the storm.

  2. Sitting alone in the canteen at lunchtime I  like a boss.

  3. She as if her bones would no longer bear her frame.

  4. The leaves  like rain.

  5. The student  sure that he could manage his time effectively.

  6. Do you know how to fix a phone that  in water?

  7. The employee was alone when he  from the second floor.

  8. I  overwhelmed by stress.

  9. Rama  someone sit on his bed at night.

  10. I was there when the car  into the sinkhole.


Materi Fell vs. Felt


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