Soal Disinterested vs. Uninterested dan Jawaban

Materi Disinterested vs. Uninterested

Disinterested berarti “impartial, unprejudiced”, sementara uninterested berarti “not interested, indifferent”. Kedua kata sifat ini dapat dipakai sebagai attributive adjective (di depan noun) maupun predicative adjective (di belakang noun dengan diselangi linking verb).

6 Contoh Soal Disinterested vs. Uninterested

Ketik disinterested atau uninterested untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini.

  1. There will always be people who are  in buying from you.

  2. He was taught to be objective as a/an outsider.

  3. She is interested in cooking, but she is  in setting a dinner table.

  4. Judges must be  in cases, but they shouldn't be  in them.

  5. I could see him sitting in the back row at the show with a/an  face.

  6. Your lawyer will give you  advice about your legal situation.


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Materi Disinterested vs. Uninterested

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