Contoh Soal Conjunction dan Jawabannya

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Sekilas Conjunction

Conjunction merupakan kata atau kelompok kata yang menghubungkan dua kata, frasa, klausa, atau paragraf.

Macam-macam conjunction:

Di bawah ini 10 contoh soal conjunction berbentuk pilihan ganda. Ketik a atau b sesuai dengan pilihan yang menurutmu paling tepat untuk melengkapi bagian yang kosong.

  1. Our new classmate is not bad; …, he’s very kind.

    1. furthermore
    2. rather

    Your answer:

  2. The more you prepare yourself for the Job Interview, … stress you may feel.

    1. the more
    2. the less

    Your answer:

  3. Neither Indah … her friends ate lunch here yesterday.

    1. nor
    2. or

    Your answer:

  4. To stay … to leave your job is your prerogative.

    1. nor
    2. or

    Your answer:

  5. It wasn’t my will, … yours.

    1. but also
    2. but

    Your answer:

  6. Kim eats many egg whites before work out … he wants to gain weight.

    1. because
    2. so that

    Your answer:

  7. … you gave him 10 great reasons to never give up, he wouldn’t listen.

    1. even though
    2. as

    Your answer:

  8. Sammy had someone handle her passport … he went to abroad.

    1. when
    2. before

    Your answer:

  9. The used car is very cheap; … , I want to buy it.

    1. however
    2. therefore

    Your answer:

  10. The weather was cold, … Bobby wore a jacket and gloves.

    1. yet
    2. so

    Your answer:


Javascript pada browser perlu diaktifkan untuk menampilkan quiz ini. Jika quiz tidak berjalan, kamu dapat mengunjungi Soal dan Jawaban Conjunction (printable version).

Materi Conjunction

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