Soal Conditional Sentence Type 1

Materi Conditional Sentence Type 1

Sekilas Conditional Sentence Type 1

Conditional sentence type 1 merupakan conditional sentence dimana result (hasil) dari condition (syarat) ada kemungkinan untuk terwujud di masa depan karena condition-nya masuk akal untuk dipenuhi.

rumus conditional sentence type 1: *if + simple present, simple future (will + bare infinitive) *if + simple present, imperative (bare infinitive)
rumus conditional sentence type 1

10 Contoh Soal Conditional Sentence Type 1

Pilihlah jawaban yang menurutmu paling tepat untuk melengkapi bagian yang kosong.

  1. If a customer … chocolate ice cream from the restaurant, he or she will get extra toppings.

    1. orders
    2. order
  2. The hotel front desk clerk … you special price room rates if you don’t ask.

    1. wouldn’t offer
    2. won’t offer
  3. If you call Tessa, I … others.

    1. will call
    2. would call
  4. If I tell the truth, … hurt?

    1. will he gets
    2. will he get
  5. Unless it snows, the pavements … slippery.

    1. will not
    2. will not be
  6. If he … the book, I will borrow it in my university library.

    1. hasn’t
    2. doesn’t have
  7. The manager … your current income if you can stay focused when working from home.

    1. will double
    2. doubles
  8. You will make your parents sad if you … responsible for your life.

    1. don’t
    2. aren’t
  9. If you come to her house, she … something delicious for you.

    1. will be cooked
    2. will cook
  10. If it rains heavily, … under water?

    1. will your home end up
    2. will your home be ended up


  1. a. orders | a customer = singular subject, gunakan “orders”
  2. b. won’t offer | gunakan won’t (will not) pada conditional sentence type 1, bukan wouldn’t (would not)
  3. a. will call | gunakan will pada conditional sentence type 1, bukan would
  4. b. will he get | verb setelah modal auxiliary verb (will) berbentuk dasar (bare infinitive) tanpa penambahan -s/-es
  5. b. will not be | Karena slippery = adjective, maka perlu digunakan verb to be. Verb to be yang dapat berada diantara modal dan adjective adalah “be”.
  6. b. doesn’t have | Verb “have” membutuhkan dummy auxiliary verb “do/does/did” untuk membentuk negative sentence.
  7. a. will double | Conditional sentence type 1 menggunakan modal verb, bukan hanya verb.
  8. b. aren’t | Karena responsible = adjective, maka perlu digunakan verb to be. Verb to be yang cocok dengan subject “you” adalah “are”.
  9. b. will cook | Kalimat menggunakan active voice.
  10. a. will your home end up | Kalimat menggunakan active voice.

Materi Conditional Sentence Type 1

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