Soal Childish vs. Childlike

Materi Childish vs. Childlike

Childish dan childlike sama-sama merupakan adjective yang mengarah pada sifat anak-anak yang mungkin masih bertahan pada orang dewasa. Childish berarti “silly and immature”, sementara childlike bermakna “having good qualities that children often have, such as innocent and trusting”.

5 Contoh Soal Childish vs. Childlike

Ketik childish atau childlike untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini.

  1. It is very  to be disrespectful to parents.

  2. Being may help you to be more creative, imginative and innovative.

  3. I have to deal with my  coworkers all the time.

  4. I personally find adults who have  behaviors unattractive.

  5. Never lose your  wonder when getting older.


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Materi Childish vs. Childlike

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