Soal Amoral vs. Immoral dan Jawaban

Materi Amoral vs. Immoral

Adjective (kata sifat) amoral dan immoral bukanlah sinonim. Amoral berarti “having no moral sense; not concerned with the rightness or wrongness of behavior”, sementara immoral berarti “not morally good”.

5 Contoh Soal Amoral vs. Immoral

Ketik amoral atau immoral untuk melengkapi kalimat di bawah ini.

  1. Twenty people has been arrested after being actively involved in the illegal or  activity.

  2. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being  if you're an infant.

  3. Can we live comfortably in an  society by simply refusing to drink and commit crimes?

  4. Some people argue that abortion is  except certain cases.

  5. I think he is an  person because he doesn't incorporate moral considerations in his choices and actions.


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Materi Amoral vs. Immoral

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