Contoh Soal Adjective Order dan Jawabannya

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Sekilas Adjective Order

Mungkin ada lebih dari satu adjective (kata sifat) yang menerangkan noun (kata benda). Pada kondisi tersebut, kita perlu memahami adjective order (urutan berdasarkan kategori) agar dapat menempatkan setiap adjective pada posisi yang benar.

Di bawah ini 6 contoh soal adjective order. Ketik ab, c, atau d sesuai dengan pilihan yang menurutmu paling tepat untuk melengkapi bagian yang kosong.

  1. I’m buying a …

    • (a) new cheap European car
    • (b) European cheap new car
    • (c) cheap new European car
    • (d) cheap new European car

    Your answer:

  2. She told me not to forget to return her …

    • (a) red sleeping warm bag
    • (b) warm sleeping red bag
    • (c) red warm sleeping bag
    • (d) warm red sleeping bag

    Your answer:

  3. The … will be adopted tomorrow.

    • (a) funny grey fat cat
    • (b) funny fat grey cat
    • (c) grey funny fat cat
    • (d) fat funny grey cat

    Your answer:

  4. He has read your …

    • (a) ancient Roman thick book
    • (b) thick ancient Roman book
    • (c) Roman thick ancient book
    • (d) ancient thick Roman book

    Your answer:

  5. The man who lives on the 4th floor of the … apartment building is my colleague.

    • (a) hexagonal small beautiful
    • (b) small beautiful hexagonal
    • (c) beautiful hexagonal small
    • (d) beautiful small hexagonal

    Your answer:

  6. We used to have lunch on this … every day.

    • (a) wooden round black table
    • (b) round black wooden table
    • (c) wooden black round table
    • (d) black round wooden table

    Your answer:


Javascript pada browser perlu diaktifkan untuk menampilkan quiz ini. Jika quiz tidak berjalan, kamu dapat mengunjungi Soal dan Jawaban Adjective Order (printable version).

Materi Adjective Order

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8 thoughts on “Contoh Soal Adjective Order dan Jawabannya”

  1. No. 1 –> a and c, aren’t they same?
    No. 2 –> word order I learn is color comes after participle (sleeping)

    1. Wilma Yulia says:

      sorry for my late reply

      1) no, cheap = opinion, new = age
      2) that’s a participle as an adjective

  2. my teacher told the shape comes before size, i think he was swapped

    1. Wilma Yulia says:

      Maybe he/she read different sources?

  3. yeeaaaahh, i got perfect score too. thankyou…

    1. You’re welcome Dul! :D

  4. yipppi…… i got perfect score XD. thanks yaaa

    1. You’re welcome Mita.. You’re awesome… ^^

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