Basic Noun Phrase

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Pengertian Basic Noun Phrase

Basic noun phrase adalah noun phrase yang terdiri dari determiner (pre, central, dan/atau post) dan head (noun, number, atau adjective).

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Determiner berdasarkan posisinya terhadap determiner lain dapat dibedakan menjadi predeterminer yang mendahului determiner lainnya, central determiner yang diletakkan setelah pre dengan atau tanpa post determiner setelahnya, dan post determiner yang diletakkan setelah predeterminer dan/atau central determiner. Predeterminer, central determiner, post determiner dapat terdiri dari hal-hal sebagai berikut.

Macam Determiner Contoh Determiner
multiplier double, twice, three times
fraction one-third, two-fifths, three-quarters
distributive both, all, half
intensifier quite, rather, not really, indeed
exclamative what, such
central determiner
article a, an, the
demonstrative this, that, these, those
possessive my, your, his, her, our, their
interrogative which, what
post determiner
number one, two, second, fourth, next, last
quantifier each, every, any, some, few, little, many, much, several

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Adapun head dapat berupa noun (kata benda); number, yaitu: ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc), cardinal numbers (one, two, ten, etc), dan general ordinal (next, last, previous, subsequent, etc); atau adjective (kata sifat); contoh: rich, poor, etc.

Contoh Basic Noun Phrase

Contoh Basic Noun Phrase Keterangan
all the trees
  • predeterminer “distributive” all
  • central determiner “article” the
  • head “noun” trees
the first
  • central determiner “article” the
  • head “number” first
four times his salary
  • predeterminer “multiplier” four times
  • central determiner “possessive” his
  • head “noun” salary
the next page
  • central determiner “article” the
  • post determiner “number” next
  • head “number” page
the rich
  • central determiner “article” the
  • head “adjective” rich
little money
  • post determiner “quatifier” little
  • head “noun” money


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Table of Contents:

  1. Noun Phrase (Introduction)
  2. Basic Noun Phrase
  3. Complex Noun Phrase

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