Reduced Adjective Clause

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Tentang Reduced Adjective Clause

Reduced Adjective Clause dapat dilakukan dengan syarat di dalam complex sentence hanya terdapat satu subject.

Pada reduksi active voice (kalimat aktif), relative pronoun dan verb to be (jika ada) dihapus serta ditambahkan -ing pada active verb bentuk simple present-nya (verb-1) sehingga membentuk present participle.

Pada passive voice (kalimat pasif), relative pronoun dan verb to be (jika ada) dihapus serta ditambahkan being sebelum past participle (jika berbentuk progressive tense).

Contoh Reduced Adjective Clause

Berikut beberapa contoh reduced adjective clause.

KondisiContoh Complex Sentence
(Adjective Clause)
Contoh Complex Sentence (Reduced Adjective Clause)
Active VoiceThe student who always studies in the library is my friend.The student always studying in the library is my friend.
The athlete who is carrying the ball is Miroslav Klose.The athlete carrying the ball is Miroslav Klose.
She is the woman who supported me day and night.She is the woman supporting me day and night.
Passive VoiceThe girl who was advised is my neighbour.The girl advised is my neighbour.
The car which is being parked there is Ferarri.The car being parked there is Ferarri.
The project which has been being worked for 3 months is very difficult.The project being worked for 3 months is very difficult.
Subject + prepositionThe building which is in front of you was built in 1928.The building in front of you was built in 1928.

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  2. Defining Relative Clause
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  4. Reduced Adjective Clause

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