Pengertian, Penggunaan dan Contoh Kalimat Gerund

Soal Gerund vs. Infinitive

Pengertian Gerund

Gerund adalah suatu kata yang dibentuk dari verb dengan ditambahkan suffix –ing dan berfungsi sebagai noun. Walaupun berfungsi sebagai noun namun masih bertingkah seperti verb jika berada di dalam frasanya (gerund phrase), seperti: diikuti direct object jika gerund berasal dari transitive verb atau dibatasi maknanya dengan adverb.

Kata ini merupakan verbal, yaitu suatu kata yang dibentuk dari kata kerja, namun berfungsi sebagai part of speech lain. Verbal yang lain yaitu infinitive dan participle. Seperti verbal lainnya, kata ini lebih umum untuk menamai action (aksi) atau state of being (keadaan).

Contoh Gerund:


Penggunaan dan Contoh Gerund

Beberapa penggunaan dan contoh kalimat gerund sebagai berikut.

Penggunaan GerundContoh Kalimat Gerund
of a Sentence
Binging is a phase frequently done by a bulimic.
Running may be hard for some people.
I hate waiting.
They enjoy his singing.
My bestfriend’s favorite activity is shopping.
of a Preposition
They disscussed an article about telling the truth.
The manager scolded the worker for removing some substantial data.
I think about his asking me if I planned to study abroad.
AppositiveHis hobby, sailing, takes a lot of time.
My bestfriend’s favorite activity, shopping, has made her spend much money.

Verb yang Diikuti Gerund

Verb yang diikuti oleh gerund dapat berupa verb tanpa tambahan agent atau dengan tambahan agent. Detail dan contohnya dalam kalimatnya adalah sebagai berikut.

KondisiContoh VerbContoh Kalimat Gerund
Tanpa tambahan agentacknowledge, admit, advise, anticipate, appreaciate, avoid, begin, celebrate, consider, continue, deny, discuss, dislike, endure, enjoy, finish, forget, give up, hate, help, practice, prefer, recommend, regret, remember, start, stop, teach, understand I hate working with him.
The student has finished studying.
Perlu tambahan agenthear, watch, seeWe heard him singing the song. (him= agent)
I saw the man walking on the street. (the man= agent)

Beberapa expression juga dapat diikuti oleh verbal ini, yaitu: worthrather than, dan instead of.

ExpressionContoh Kalimat
WorthIt is worth reading the book.
Rather thanI prefer to sleep rather than going to the party.
Instead ofInstead of paying the baggage fees, she will only carry a small backpack.

Soal Gerund vs. Infinitive

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  1. I wasn’t learning this subject at my course.. Thanks for posting it Wilma. Anyway, right now I help my friend learning English. It’s hard enough to teach her about English. I thought maybe it’s just because I didn’t teach her according to the subject in order. So, can you please tell me the subject / the topic of English in order so we can learn it as well. Thanks

    1. Hi Josh… thanks for leaving such a nice comment :)

      I assume she has a little knowledge of English grammar…she knows “adjective”, “adverb”, “preposition”, “subject”, and “verb”, but she doesn’t know “predicative adjective”, “adverb phrase”, “adverbial prepositional phrase”, and “subject-verb agreement”.
      If I were you I will start from word and sentence level (I love this: Here are some:
      *parts of speech (adjective, adverb, conjunction, verb, noun, preposition, pronoun, interjection)
      *clause (independent & dependent)
      *sentence patterns
      *subject & predicate
      *sentence types
      *subject-verb agreement
      *pronoun-antecedent agreement
      *active & passive voice
      *sequence of tenses etc

      Hope this is going to help you teach your friend :)

  2. mbak wilma i have some question this is about gerund. which one the correct n incorrect. ex sentence:
    1. my heart starts racing. or
    my heart starts to race.
    2. my heart is starting to race. or
    my heart is starting racing.
    the last question.
    3. what the meaning of sentence above is most suitable in Indonesian?

    1. Hi Yenny,
      1. “Start” can be followed with gerund or infinitive with little or no difference in meaning. Tapi saya menemukan kebanyakan contoh “it starts to rain” di dalam dependent clause, tidak berdiri sendiri, dimana kamu menemukannya?
      2. The continuous + infinitive sounds better.
      3. My heart is starting to race mulai berpacu ya.. start to do something

      It started to rain.
      Mistakes were starting to creep in.

      Sampai bingung saya juga kalo “my heart starts to race” gak ada tambahan kata-katanya..saya tidak yakin karena sulit menemukan kalimat seperti itu dalam kondisi “bebas” (yang umum pake simple past “started”), tapi mungkin kalo berada di dalam complex sentence seperti:

      Let’s walk (quickly) so we get home before it starts to rain. Basic English Grammar

      < -- terjadi pada masa sekarang tapi tidak harus berarti sedang berlangsung pada detik iniBiasanya "starts" (simple present) dipakai untuk membicarakan rencana atau jadwal transportasi/event di masa depan namun memiliki jangka waktu dekat dengan sekarang.

      The movie starts at 7:00. … Stand here and visit with me for a few minutes until the train starts.

      Bisa baca-baca diskusi ini:

  3. Hy Wilma
    Thank you so much for helping me ! I can do my final semester test in my college and also improve my skill include speaking, grammar and writing

    1. My pleasure Alif. I’m so glad to hear that you could do your final test and improve your skills as well. Keep your spirit up when learning English! :)

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