The Ordering of Determiners: Pre, Central and Post Determiners

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The Ordering of Determiners

Noun bisa di ikuti lebih dari satu determiner atau tidak sama sekali. Berdasarkan posisinya terhadap noun, determiner dibedakan menjadi tiga class, yakni: predeterminer, central determiner, dan post determiner. Class tersebut mengikuti urutan tertentu yang disebut the ordering of determiners.

+/-Predeterminer+/-Central Determiner+/-Post Determiner+Noun


Pengertian Predeterminer

Predeterminer adalah determiner yang ditempatkan mendahului determiner lainnya. Determiner ini umumnya menyatakan proporsi dari suatu noun yang mengikutinya.

Macam-Macam Predeterminer

(predeterminer +/- determiner lain + noun)
Contoh Noun Phrase
multipliersmultiplier + article / possessive + plural countable
noun / mass noun
double the books,
three times the bottles, twice
the money,
four times my salary
fractionfraction + article / possessive + nounone-third the width, two-thirds my salary,
two-fifths the width
distributivesall/both + article / possessive+ plural countable
noun / uncountable noun
all the women, all the time, both
her houses
half + article / possessive + nounhalf the price,
half that task, half
these books, half the information, half
my furniture
exclamativewhat + article + nounwhat a big surprise,
what a beautiful view
such + a / zero article + nounsuch a stupid person

Central Determiner

Pengertian Central Determiner

Central Determiner adalah determiner yang ditempatkan diantara
pre dan post determiner.

Macam-Macam Central Determiner

Central determiner terdiri dari article, possessive, dan demonstrative dengan penjelasan dan contoh sebagai berikut.

Central DeterminerRumusContoh Noun Phrase
articlethe + nounall the people, half the
width, four times the width
a/an + singular countable nounwhat a big surprise, such an,
such an honour
possessivepossessive + nountwo-third his salary, all her
salary, three times my salary
demonstrativethis / that + uncountable / singular
countable noun
all that luggage, one-third my
these / those + plural countable nounall these books, all those

Post Determiner

Pengertian Post Determiner

Post Determiner adalah determiner yang diletakkan setelah predeterminer dengan/tanpa central determiner setelahnya.

Macam-Macam Post Determiner

Post DeterminerRumusContoh Noun Phrase
numbercardinal number /
ordinal number / general ordinal + noun
the three men, the ten dollars
the first class, the fourth floor
the next chapter, the last moment, my previous experience,
his subsequent trip
quantifierquantifier + nounthe few women

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Table of Contents:

  1. Determiner
  2. The Ordering of Determiners: Pre, Central, and Post Determiners

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