Contoh Soal Present Perfect Tense dan Jawabannya

Sekilas Present Perfect Tense

Present perfect tense merupakan bentuk kata kerja untuk menyatakan bahwa suatu kejadian telah dimulai di masa lalu dan sudah rampung pada titik waktu tertentu di masa lalu atau berlanjut sampai sekarang.

Di bawah ini 10 contoh soal present perfect tense berbentuk pilihan ganda. Pilihlah satu jawaban yang menurutmu paling tepat.


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Jika quiz tidak berjalan, kamu dapat mengunjungi  Soal dan Jawaban Present Perfect Tense (printable version).

Materi Present Perfect Tense

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Semoga contoh soal present perfect tense dan jawabannya ini bermanfaat dan mohon maaf jika ada kekurangan.


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12 thoughts on “Contoh Soal Present Perfect Tense dan Jawabannya”

  1. lailiyatie says:

    please give me example: a paragraph contains present perfect,past tense .thank you for your reply

    1. Wilma Yulia says:

      Halo Lalliyatie.. maaf banget baru balas. Ini contohnya:

      Perhaps more than anything else, it is the price of fuel that influences the cost of almost everything, touching the lives of just about everybody in the country. Ever since the decision was floated as a trial balloon in February, the rumor mill has been working overtime. We‘ve heard just about everything. Dark plots of a military coup right through to large-scale rioting that will set the country ablaze are among the stories that have done the rounds. The Blackberry Messenger, or BBM as it is popularly known, has been one of the instruments to engage in the ongoing and all-embracing debate on the other BBM, also the acronym for Bahan Bakar Minyak.

      Ford will stop sales and close down operations in Japan, where it has had a presence since 1974, Reuters reported earlier from Tokyo after obtaining an e-mail from Asia Pacific President Dave Schoch to employees in the region. The closures affect about 52 dealerships and almost 300 employees in Japan. Product development will also cease there.

  2. Novia Nur R says:

    Kak aku mau tanya yg nomor 2
    “The businessman … offered her three times the value of her property, but she’s not interested.”
    My answer is (‘ve), but yours is (‘s)
    Kenapa kak?

    1. Wilma Yulia says:

      Halo Novia,

      ‘s atau has buat third person singular, ‘ve atau have buat third person plural. Nah si (a) businessman itu third person singular, makanya pake ‘s. Versi pluralnya: businessmen.. :)

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