Pengertian dan Contoh Adjective Derivation

Pengertian Adjective Derivation

Adjective derivation adalah adjective (kata sifat) yang terbentuk dari proses pembentukan kata turunan dimana adjective hasil bentukan tersebut akan memiliki makna berbeda dari kata dasarnya. Macam dan contoh pembentukan derivation dapat dilihat pada Pengertian dan Contoh Derivation.

Adjective Derivation List

Contoh adjective derivation dapat dilihat pada tabel sebagai berikut.

No.Noun Affixes (Suffix/prefix)Contoh Adjective Derivation
1-able, -blechangeable, credible, readable, questionable, teachable, workable
2-al, -ial, -icalaboriginal, disfunctional, periodical, procedural, territorial, theorical
3-ant, -ent, -ientconvenient, different, exultant, ignorant, important, observant
4-ar, -arysingular, spectacular, unitary
5-atefortunate, intimate, latinate, passionate, separate
6-edbearded, bored, coordinated, melted, monied, tender-hearted
8-fulbeautiful, delightful, hopeful, hurtful, playful, useful
9-icempiric, energetic, enthusiastic, generic, periodic, romantic
10-ilefragile, projectile, volatile
11-ingabsorbing, blushing, charming, encouraging, interesting, sparkling
12-ishboyish, brownish, childish, newish, reddish, snobbish
13-isticcharacteristic, communistic, impressionistic, meterialistic, pessimistic
14-ive, -ative, -itiveabusive, cooperative, festive, initiative, instinctive, sensitive, talkative
15-lesscareless, hopeless, motiveless, priceless, tasteless, useless
16-likechildlike, ladylike, lifelike
17-lyfriendly, kindly, lively, lovely, neighborly, womanly
18-ous, -eous, -ose, -iousadventurous, gaseous, mysterious, momentous, religious, scandalous
19-wardbackward, heavenward
20-widecommunitywide, worldwide
21-ybrainy, dreamy, juicy, rumbly, shaky, windy

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Semoga penjelasan materi adjective derivation ini bermanfaat dan mohon maaf jika ada kekurangan.

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